January 4th, 2018; 11:30am to 1:30pm

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ingrid Rose

Whose Reality is it Anyway? Bridging Worlds with Those in Remote States of Consciousness

How do we make contact and join with those who are in far-­‐out states of consciousness such as those found in deep altered states, dementia, coma and near-­‐ death? Medical research acknowledges that a person in a deeply altered, vegetative or comatose state still shows a degree of consciousness. Ways of reaching that person, however, are still being studied and experimented with.

In this presentation, Ingrid Rose, will share with you some of the methods being used that, not only help to access the profound experiences often found within these states, but also cultivate an awareness for all concerned of the deep meaning which may be held there. Theoretical concepts, case studies and examples, as well as simple techniques will be introduced to illustrate interventions useful in engaging with clients in order to support their inner experience.

The development of participants will be enhanced in the following areas:

• Tools for accompanying a person in coma or in various stages of the dying process.

• Insight into how a non-­‐interpretive approach can highlight a deeper understanding of what is held in the person’s experience.

• Recognition of physical cues that can be used to cultivate awareness of what is trying to emerge.

• Joining with the other in their reality, even though that may be difficult to understand.

• Practical interventions when working in this field.

Ingrid Rose, Ph.D. Ingrid’s professional career includes assistant professorships at Portland State University and the National College of Natural Medicine. She is presently in private practice, a faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, and offers training and workshops throughout the world. She has lived and worked professionally on 3 continents; South Africa, Australia and the United States. Palliative Care has been a central focus of Ingrid’s study and application over the last 20 years. In this field she has applied her knowledge and skill to working with patients at the end of life and in coma, assisting families of the dying, and training and coaching professionals in interacting with those in remote states of consciousness. Ingrid’s new book, Doorways into Dying: Innovative Teachings for End of Life, is available through Amazon.com.