Date: April 4th, 2019
Time:11:30am – 1:30pm PST
Location: Lewis & Clark Graduate School, South Chapel

One of the most difficult losses a family may have to go through is the loss of a wished-for child. It is almost always sudden and unexpected, and the bereaved may be young and/or inexperienced in the process of grief. Society’s expectation that this is simply a medical misfortune often stands in contradiction to the family’s experience of it being a death and a tragedy.  Though we cannot diminish the pain that comes from this loss, we can minimize the roadblocks that may complicate parents’ grief.  In this workshop, presenter Pat Schweibert will:

  • Describe how various types of child loss (age/cause) may affect family members, including parents, siblings, and grandparents;
  • List special concerns that may affect parents;
  • Identify how the myths of grief can make the bereaved family feel disenfranchised;
  • Learn how to create safe places for parents to grieve;
  • Understand how the death of a baby may impact future pregnancies;
  • Describe ways to support persons experiencing this kind of grief.

Speaker Bio:

With more than forty years of experience working with grieving individuals and groups, Pat is proud to be the founder and creative director of Grief Watch.  Pat is the author of many books, including Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After LossWe Were Gonna Have a Baby…But Had An Angel Instead, andWhen Hello Means Goodbye; she has created a number of other resources to help those who are grieving.  Pat has spent most of her nursing career as a midwife to both those who are giving birth to their babies and those transitioning out of life.  She has accompanied 38 friends in their dying at the Peace House and many other friends in their own homes.